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Terraform Associate Exam Experience

Exam Experience

  • You have to create a GitHub user account so that you may authenticate with the online exam provider psi exams - more information may be found here.
  • Do not use your builtin laptop camera (if possible), otherwise you will find you are twizzling your laptop round attempting to capture your room dimensions perfectly within 15 seconds - very frustrating.
  • The Course below covered 95% of the content needed for the exam. I highly recommend, you will need to persevere through the content on variables but otherwise great course.
  • I also attended a free HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Workshop event that provided free access to a Terraform Cloud Lab environment for 7 days - this was useful content for the exam.
  • The Practice questions referenced below are a good representation of the real questions - very good practice once you have finished your studies.
  • My study was orientated around Azure rather than AWS and I found this didn’t affect my performance in the exam - it was mostly Cloud Service Provider neutral and any nuisances that may be tested were covered largerly by the Practice Exam questions.

Key Study Material


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